TM Joint, Head and Neck Pain

TM Joint, Head and Neck Pain

TM joint, Head and Neck Pain: Acute & Chronic craniofacial pain is not fun. Head, neck, shoulder and lower back pain are usually referred pain from the TM joint. We use a system at our clinic to remodel the TM joint and by using the motor nerve reflex testing model we can pin point the primary source of your pain. We have had tremendous success with our patients and look forward to treating you soon.

Motor Nerve Reflex Testing: is a system taught to us by Dr. Steve Olmos which will determine the primary cause of pain. We treat all dental primary and if a medical primary surfaces during treatment we refer you to a specialist for treatment.Balance is the key to staying healthy. If you have an injury, you will be off-balance. The source of your injury may be nowhere near your presenting complaint.

We offer an advanced innovative 12-weeks treatment technique that finds the real source of your pain. A Tempromandibular condition is a disorder or dysfunction of one of the most frequently used and complexed joints in the body. The TM joint holds the lower jaw to the base to the skull allowing us to chew, swallow, breath and talk. TM joint is used hundreds of time each day, you move it every time you chew, swallow and speak.

Using a customized orthotic we rehabilitate and restore orthopedic functions (chew & swallow), improves breathing and resolve symptoms. We also offer nutritional guidance to reduce your inflammatory factors.

This conservative, non-surgical approach is based on rehabilitation of injured structures (TM joints) for optimal function and comfort with component structures (elsewhere in the body) that may be permanently altered or damaged. The focus is on evaluation and diagnosis to find and treat the origin (root cause of the problem) of the pain for maximum results.

This is a dental solution to a medical condition because a dentist is providing the care, however, there is no treatment being done to the teeth. The system of treatment is based on symmetry of structures. Dysfunctions or asymmetry is one area will produce dysfunction in other areas.

TM related symptoms

  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • ear aches
  • tinnitus (ringing in the ear
  • stiffness in the ear
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • lower back pain
  • fainting
  • difficulty swallowing
  • numbness in hands
  • tingling in the fingers
  • pain behind the ears
  • pain on opening mouth
  • depression
  • sensitivity to light
  • inability to get a good night sleep and/or trigger points.

Clinical signs

  • limited opening
  • limited lateral (side to side)
  • movement
  • limited protrusion (forward) of jaw
  • deviation of jaw on opening
  • clicking noises when opening or closing
  • dislocated jaw
  • locking of jaw
  • crepitus (bone on bone grinding)
  • on opening or closing
  • bruxism (grinding of teeth)
  • clenching of jaws
  • jaw locked open

Dr Lamont will include a system using motor nerve reflex testing. Initially developed by Dr. John Beck, an orthopedic surgeon and later modified by Dr. Steven R. Olmos to diagnose his patients with chronic pain. Using balance and reflex testing, this technique can pinpoint the origin of pain not the site the patient feels the pain. As a dentist, Dr Lamont can test reflexes associated with Tempromandibular disorders and make customized oral appliance to alleviate primary pain. As new pain develops other reflexes will be tested to discover the new primary origin of pain will be treated or referred to a specialist.

If you or any of your colleagues are having chronic pain issues that don’t seem to get resolved, Dr Lamont would gladly perform a simple 10 minute test to determine if you are a candidate for our advanced TM joint and Sleep Apnea treatment system.

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